Bahureksa Polo International

 wants to sponsor your Polo matches



we sponsor POLO TEAM to go promote their Polo Matches.

This is a win-win situation.

We give you 4 Polo mallets, you promote us and your team!



You must comply with all of the following rules to qualify for sponsorship.

*      The Polo matches you apply for must have attendance of at least 200 people.

*      You are responsible for registering with the Polo Matches and making all other related arrangements.

*      You are responsible for all fees associated with the Polo Matches.

*      You are responsible for your own travel costs and other expenses beyond what bahureksa Polo intl is sponsoring.

*      No matter what your polo handicap, anyone is allowed to get sponsor

*      we prefer you to enroll the big polo matches, but even small game is allowed to get sponsor.

*      You must submit your application before 60 days prior to the Polo Matches, and preferably much old longer than that.



The following is what you will receive as part of your sponsorship package:

*      We give you 4 polo mallets, and submitted your photos back to us. See also Rules of Attendance about the photos.

*      One 150cm x30 cm full color banner. we provide the artwork, and we'll send them to you with everything else.

*      If you want, we can provide personalized initial and polo team color on your polo head.

*      You are only charged USD 100 of sponshorship fee.

*      Bahureksa responsible for shipping cost to your address. You are responsible for customs, duties, and taxes at your adress.


Rules of Sponsorship

While at the Polo Matches there are some rules you must follow.

*      During prize ceremony, you must take photos of your team with bahureksa banner and submit them back to us after the match.

*      In addition to promoting your Polo team, you must act as a representative of bahureksa's fan base and answer questions about bahureksa Polo intL.

*      During the matches happen, you must display our banner that we provide on the wall of your teamÕs hut so that the bahureksa logo faces out into the game area and can be seen by maximum people.

Submit Application

Fill out the following form to apply for sponsorship.


Polo Team Name *

Your name*

Email Address *

Your Facebook account name*

Phone Number *

Mailing Address *

Polo matches Name *

Polo club is held polo matches

Polo Matches URL *

Polo Matches Start Date *

Polo Matches City, State/Country *

Where will this matches be held?

Polo Matches Attendees *

How many people are estimated to attend this matches?

Why should we sponsor you?

Fill in anything here you think we should know about you to convince us we should sponsor you.


How Do I Get Started?

*      Submit your polo matches sponsoring application to us, at least 2 months before a match occurs. Please provide a url where we can visit your matches.

*      We review your game. If we decide to sponsor it we submit an invoice for USD 100 enrolment fee and after we received the money we start to process make your  4 polo mallet immediately.

*      15 day before the match day, we send 4 polo mallet include bahureksa banner for materials sponsorship.


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