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Hi Yugo, abdulah was very helpful, please thank him for me.

I play in perth polo club, but hopefully get a chance to visit Nusantara on my next
trip. I come through jakarta on way to balikpapan.

We will try new mallets this weekend. If good we will buy another 10 or 20
(David Tilbrook-Perth polo Club-Australia)

no image Hello Yugo,
Finally I get the canes at home. Good morning, I don´t know
if you recieve my last email telling you that the cane arrives ok to
Buenos Aires. I just start repairing again and the cane  working
good. In next shippment, I´m going to ask you to send the cane in
just 1mm more thicker (If you can) Well, I´ll be in touch
with you. Take care. Thank you very much
Eduardo Maqueda, argentina
no image Dear S Yugo,
A very good evening to you. First of all I apologize that I couldn’t
meet you before you left, my schedule was very tight that day. I hope you had a
good trip. Anyway, everyone enjoyed your merchandise. We will be ordering some
goods from you again.

Simon, Sabah Polo Club-Malaysia
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Dear Yugo,
Thank you very much for your support for our End of Season Tournament 2009.  The games were a great success and we are looking forward to a very interesting season next year.  We do hope that next season we will be able to work more closely with Bahureksa.  We have very high expectations for next year and would like you to be a part of it.

Thank you again,

Del J Mear- Polo Head-Nusantara Polo Club

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Hey Yugo
Sticks have arrived.. Thank you. Theyre great.
Do you have sliceing canes aswell?
Sorry will chat soon
On the Run
Terence Spilsbury,
Bro.Polo, south Africa
no image Dear sir,
I have well received the mallets this morning.
They look nice. But i also find that the printing of 52 N° on the heads
is not very precise. Thanks alot
Frédéric ROZE,
no image "Pak Yugo and his team were very professional and courteous throughout the process.
My new boots, helmet and gloves are of exceptional quality and have already made a
difference in my riding.  Thanks so much Bahureska."

Chris Nelson

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Hello Mr.Yugo,
Thank you for the quality of the cane I really like it!  Now I would like to order 50 cane for men the same as the last order.  Also I like to order 50 cane for splices the messuare are 18 to 19 cm diametre and 125 cm longer or more long is doesn\\\\\\\'t matter.  I going to order 50 now because I want to see the quality.  Please send me the invoice and the shipping including, because I want to make only one deposit.
Thank you and have a good day!
Pablo Medina-USA

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Many thanks for mallets received today extremely happy with all canes and handles will be placing order for more heads and repair tape i also meed canes for splicing.

Jamez Walsh-Ireland

Well received Yugo,
Hope my members like it and order some more later.


President of Korea Polo Country Club Co.Ltd

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